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Good day people! US people, have you voted yet? If not, please do so at your earliest convenience. I’m not telling you who to vote for (although you may well know where my sympathies lay as an old-style euro “commie”” ) but please exercise your right AND your duty as a US citizen to make your voice heard for the elections because honestly, your neighbours, aka the rest of the world, is worried about y’all in the States!

So, with that PSA out of the way, we can dedicate some time to the 2nd, well 3rd, most important theme this month (because I’m not downplaying the pandemic as since today, in the Netherlands, we’re back to a -partial- lockdown) but hello Halloween! I’ll be honest, it seems that every year there is better -read more appealing to me- content out for the ghouly month, so here I go again!

My start look is pretty day time, with no makeup and wearing my new Fetch Heresy glasses from Satan Inc event. Aren’t they cute? For that little touch of morbid to my otherwise super decent librarian look? But after closing, gosh, the librarian dresses up and turns out to be a Queen of the Night, a Mistress of Demons a… oh who am I kidding… a Grazia who likes to play with her avatar and make pretty dolls! BTW, the GRWM images are as always unedited, straight from SL.

Also, forgive me, but I have been distracted while shopping and for the love of the Goddess, I can’t remember where I picked up some of the items I’m wearing. Anything Octoberish is most likely coming from either Salem, Samhain Festival or Satan Inc. And I can highly recommend you a visit to all three!

The start look:
Hair Snowwhite by Tableau Vivant (Satan Inc)
Mesh head Fleur by LeLutka
Skin Yuki by Glam Affair (Kustom9)
Eyes blue gems by A R T E
Pin up moles by Unnie
Cerridwen tattoo by Lilithe
Glasses Heresy by Fetch (Satan Inc)
Esbert suit by Lunacat

The Transformation:
Hair Snowwhite by Tableau Vivant (Satan Inc)
Mesh head Fleur by LeLutka
Skin Yuki by Glam Affair (Kustom9)
Kitty eyes by Avi-Glam
Eyebrows Sexy by IDTTY faces
Eyeshadow Gloom by Izzie’s
Veins by Izzie’s
Eye Glitter by Izzie’s
Contour by Letargofem
Nose contour New Face by Top1Salon
Lipstick Moxie by Nar Mattaru
Cerridwen tattoo by Lilithe
Dress Nimue by Baiastice (Satan Inc)
Crown Persephone by Lybra (Satan Inc)

Hope you like the look! Please leave your thoughts in the comments and as always, stay healthy and be kind to eachother!

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