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It’s a logical consequence of the ever more saturated market in SL that content creators work together and try to find synergy in that to make their brand stronger. I’m not talking here about the old duos, like Sachi and Damen over at Adam ‘n Eve, who have been together since 2005, but the new, marketing based brands that have heavily influenced the way we perceive SL content creating these days.

Armidi was one of the first brands where multiple creators worked under one brand name. Starting with the creators of Elephant outfitters, after their rebranding to Armidi they hired talented creators to succesfully make their brand into a tue powerhouse in SL .What is going to happen with whatever Armidi rembranded itself in since last fall, is a mystery. Sometimes you just try too hard to create a hype and it will backfire. However, Armidi designers Emma Gilmour and Juliette Westenburg now are about to open up their own collaborative brand, which without any doubt will be all kinds of awesome. Because both creators are skilled and have a unique sense of style.

Lelutka started as Minnu Palen’s skin shop MMS. Soon thereafter Thora Charron took up the male skins for the brand, and gradually the sisters have succesfully rebranded and expanded their empire over all kinds of avatar apparel from skins and hair to clothing, shoes and accesoires with the help of other creators joining for a period of time. Some of them were already known designers, like Marni Grut, from Royal Blue, others like Valena Glushenko had a small shop but learned so much during their time with LeLutka that they are now established creators with awesome brands of their own. Always though, the Lelutka brand breaths quality and there is enough knowledge about fashion and techniques within the team to assist the less experienced creators, and what ends up in the shop is consistent with the brand, even though, if you look well, you can see the signature of the individual creators.

And there are more examples of creators teaming up. Essential Soul Studio has recently absorbed DmD poses, Leezu and Courtisane, though not under the same brand have a very close relationship, and doing well… again.. common characterisic is the over all quality of everything in the shop, and consistency in their presentation.

Now, you’ll ask.. why on earth are you writing so much without coming to the point? I’m getting there my dears… I just wanted to underline this development in SL and what is needed to make it work, which in my opinion is a precious marketing mix of product, price and presentation.

I was over at Casa Cheerno this morning, another brand which has been expanding ever since their start from edgy male fashion and skins, to, more recently, also female apparel and skins. Kira Ahn from Dekade recently closed her own shop to join Casa Cheerno and is making hair and female skins for the brand now.
In the female fashion section I saw some over the top shoes, ot my taste, but reasonably well displayed, but then, I spotted some jackets with horrible green edges, like they cleared the background but forgot to clean the images up. Older stuff has the same edges, but white. So apparently the person who is making the female fashion for the brand, is learning… but not fast enough to keep up with the Joneses.
It didn’t make me feel comfortable to buy anything from that section at all. Now I realise that this is not Cheerno Destiny’s work, but he owns the brand. If I were him, I’d be weary to have another creator using my brand name and putting displays up which are absolutely under par with what I usually would have in my shop. As far as I am concerned, it’s hurting the brand, and if I didn’t know better (and I’m arrogant enough to think that a LOT of shoppers indeed don’t know better) I would not recommend Cheerno to my friends.

What are your thoughts about multi creator brands? Should it have one signature, or show the diversity of the creators, even if that means a difference in quality as well?

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  1. There were certain items from Armidi and LeLutka creators I didn’t purchase from, because I know personally that I didn’t like their quality (from previous experience with their brand). I guess unless one person made sure to “add the finishing touches” to everything, to keep the level of quality consistent, you’ll have all different levels of quality within a collaborative brand.

    I am surprised you made this long post though, just to point out a simple alpha flaw. I guess I would have done the same if I cared enough, but in fewer words 🙂

    As a long time fan and friend of Kira’s work (under Dekade and KA Designs), I will say that I think this was an honest oversight. To say that Kira is somehow giving CheerNo a bad name is an unfair statement because I think she brought a lot of her own customer base to Cheerno and in my mind, KA has as much of.. if not more brand recognition than CheerNo. I didn’t own a single CheerNo item until Kira joined his brand and released CheerNoFemme skins — and they still remain the only thing from CheerNo that I’m interested in. Kira is a long time creator, and I think it sucks to see her years of work in SL dismissed so quickly, over a simple alpha mistake.

    Name any “big” designer(s) and brand(s) in SL and I can assure you that somewhere, someone has found some horrible flaw that they made.

  2. I wasn’t even aware that Kira also did the female clothing. I thought she just did skins and hair. I am surprised if she does, because it’s SO not like her to leave all fashion displays this sloppy. I don’t think it’s an oversight, or the other items would be top notch. I went back just now and checked the items in the female section. Kira creates under her own name. The creator of the clothes is a certain aleta Scatter, so my guess is, they are not the same.

    I dont usually pull the “i’m not a native speaker”thing, but in this case I felt I needed more words to express my thoughts without being totally rude.

    I love Kira’s skins and I have most of them. I would have bought both lines she has out at Cheerno today, if not for shortage of L$ 🙁

  3. Kira doesn’t do the female clothing, at least not those, that is the work of another person, Aleta Scatter.

  4. I believe some statement is true, I also believe that CheerNo kinda uses LeLutka as a kind of base I mean when a store revamps it’s look I think that’s awesome I do 🙂 but when LeLutka did the city lots of stores thing, 2 weeks later CheerNo revamped and had something similar out, when LeLutka revamped just recently CheerNo revamped and they’re store looks similar-ish now not that this is a huge deal, but when I really enjoyed Cheerno was when he first opened his own Sim and had his own look and I really liked that.

    I just think brands need to keep some kind of upholding I guess, like I just opened my own brand and if someone commented on something I’d fix it asap. And I am trying to do my own thing with my own look, I mean use other brands for inspiration sure but do your own thing that makes it unique and stand out and keep the quality perfect.

  5. “LeLutka did the city lots of stores thing, 2 weeks later CheerNo revamped and had something similar out”

    The city theme has been done over and over and over and over. Iron Fist had it, Creamshop and so did Maitreya and several electronic clubs too. By no means is Lelutka the originator of this concept.

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