Grazia! Stop Editing Your Pictures!


A reader commented that she felt cheated because I edit the pics on my blog, that in reality the textures looked all wrong and not looking alive. I am actually glad she commented this because truth is… I do… sometimes, edit pics that are featured on my blog. Like yesterday when I bloggged the Mercy shoes from Orange Creations, but I think you’d have to be blind not to realise it is edited.

What I never edit though are my LOTD pictures, other than that I crop them and add a border. I simply lack the PS skills to edit all my pics (it would take WAY too much time, and suck the fun right out of me) and besides, I think that products featured should reflect the actual quality as much as possible.

So to illustrate how I work when I take pictures, here is… a picture:

Yes, it’s cropped, I added a border and.. omg.. letters!!  😀 Lets go through it, ok? NB: I take all my pictures running SL in the official LL 2.0 viewer on ultra settings.

A) in my studio, which isn’t more than a rounded white wall, with default mid day light settings. No other in world lights for funky effects.

B) in the same studio, but now with the WL settings provided by Caliah Lyon. You can see the massive difference, the textures in general looking way more vibrant

C) still the same studio with Caliah’s settings, but here I have added a 0.02 glow to the white wall behind me. The effect is that there seems to be a light shining through and the av’s edges get smoothed a wee bit.

C is how I take 99, 9% of my pics. So, yeah, that’s my secret. No editing, but making use of the in world tools that every resident has (provided they have a decent computer and can run more than basic shaders).  It’s not my intention to make my readers feel cheated, ever. But I don’t think using in world tools for photography  can ever be considered cheating. However. In the rare occasion that I will use an edited image, from now on, I will mention it.

[UPDATE 100531]  since many have let me know how much they appreciate these little tricks, I figured, I’d add a little bit more about the technicalities of  taking photo’s in world. Tips:

  1. Make sure that taking high resolution photos is enabled (open advanced menu -ctrl+alt+D- and check high res photos);
  2. Antialiasing is set on 8x (open preferences>graphics>hardware and set to 8x. I find 16x not working better for me, but maybe that depends on the system you have running, so play a little with that). Antialiasing wil make the image look smoother;
  3. Take your photos as a bitmap (JPEG and PNG will lessen the quality in my opinion)
  4. Take your photos as big as your system will support. For me, it’s ” safe” to take photos at 4000 x 4000. Anything higher will likely crash me in the process. This will leave you enough possibilities for cropping your image, and make it smaller so the image will look sharper.


0 thoughts on “Grazia! Stop Editing Your Pictures!”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by pictures on your blog Grazia. Keep up the amazing work and keep bringing us pretty things 😀

  2. Even basic shaders work (my computer is sucky, so I know)… it’s all about lighting.:)

  3. I love your pictures Grazia and in fact I can remember that you are the one that inspired me to blog and yours is the benchmark which am sure many set their good pics & minimal editing.

    Like you my graphic skills are pretty limited so I tend not to spend much time fiddling. But that hopefully that does not detract from the fact that if you have good items & windlight can achieve pretty good pics with minimal fussing.

    Thanks again for your helpful tips (which I know you won’t remember but I do! grins*). It is great to see you have remained lovely, friendly and down to earth.

    And look I forward seeing more of your pics!


    Xanthe Audeburgh xx

  4. Great post as photo-editing skills are dreadfully limited but when I tart up a picture I use Flickr tools to do it.
    In world I have my windlight settings to save using a facelight..and that’s it. Makes a helluva difference though:)


  5. Ooooo I’m totally stealing the .02 glow tip. Everything else I already do. Yep, I lack the skills and the time to fancy up my pic’s a lot. Plus designers’ products deserve to be shown in the best inworld lighting as possible. That’s how they created them, after all. It’s not your fault your reader didn’t know how to change her atmosphere settings. She probably bought something you showed on your blog and was disappointed that when she put it on, all she saw was shadows. lol

  6. Wow, thanks for all the sweet comments. Yes Desiree, the reader actually commented on my yesterday’s LOTD, that’s why, for this post, I put on the same outfit so that the difference can be seen clearly on that very outfit.

    and yeah, the 0.02, or even 0.01 (more than 0.02 will likely rather mess up your pic than make it better) is the best trick I ever adopted.


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