Good Morning


Good Morning, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

OK, guys… here’s your wake up call… do you really think we dress up in lacy lingerie for your pleasure? To be your bonbon? You’re wrong! We like to wear the cute sexy stuff, even if you won’t see it, because, you know… even when worn under the simplest of tees and our old trusted jeans and sneakers, that frilly, lacy thing will make us feel good!

Of course we like it to see you swallow when, while leaning in, making conversation over supper, you’ll see that promising trim of lace; that your jaw drops when we undress, or that your eyes sparkle at the idea of peeling the lingerie off later… but we are also perfectly girly happy wearing it while laying idly on our beds, reading magazines, or the latest best seller and listening to our favourite tunes. Mine lately being the good old “you’re so vain”… You probably think this post is about you… Well it’s not…. it’s about my favourite lingerie from Blowpop, Yvette. Currently Annyka Bekkers has 2 sets out, Jolene and Yvette and a 3rd on the way, but Yvette is my favourite. I love lace, and I also love panties that actually cover some of my bum. I’m just not much of a thong fan I suppose.

For a long time Camilla from Insolence was my undisputed queen of lingerie, but it looks like Annyka is up to give her serious competition. Thumbs up Annyka, people like you and Camilla raise the bar!!

Other need to knows: I’m wearing Tiny Bird’s Love Letter to Japan in wheat, 5th & Oxford’s Audrey medion fresh 4 and Icon’s BM bracelet. The furniture in the pic is from Miabella foxely, and the poses in the collage are from Dove Swanson’s latest Wonder Girls pose set.

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