Get it While You Can: Free Parfait shape


If all goes well, next weekend we will celebrate the official opening of the Rue d’Antibes sim, so I have decided to take the freebie shape that is currently in the shop down sometime on the 29th, and get something fresh in there, just in time for the opening.

She’s lovely, sexy, non mod, but comes with a skirtshape as well, so while she’s still out there… go grab her.

Have a nice weekend!

0 thoughts on “Get it While You Can: Free Parfait shape”

  1. Oh, great freebie!

    Technical thing…
    I was trying to click your landmark SLURLS to get to the sim, but each link stops after the letter D, not giving a valid location on the map. I ‘m pretty sure that’s because in html of the link, the single quote in the Rue d’Antibes name stops the code (quotes flank the url, so whatever is inside the quotes shows as the link).

    I’m not sure how you’d fix this, since it’s going to happen in any link with a single quote in it. But I wanted to let you know just in case you could find a solution. I also bet it’d give you more traffic 🙂

    I’m off to find your shop! Thanks again for the freebie!

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