Genre does androgyne

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A new round of Genre opened yesterday and this month’s theme is androgynity. Lets face it, I suck at it because I’m simply too much of a girly girl with “tits and ass” so even when I wear a guy suit, I still look very much like a woman, but it gets more interesting for me when a brand like A:S:S offers a maxi skirt suit for both men and women!

I’m wearing their Mason suit in grey, with subtile pinstripes and with the HUD I picked a crisp white for the shirt and a soft pink for the tie. Yup, girly girl!

I’m still wearing New Faces Cheryl skin which I picked up at Kustom9 yesterday and paired it with Ink‘s Henrik hair which would be pretty androgynous, but then I thought… earrings.. how about them?  and I went for Yummy‘s Vice hoops from last month’s Collabor88.

I was tempted to put on some flat ankle boots, but I ended up with SLink‘s siren stiettos. I dare every man to walk around on those for a day! How about that for androgynity!

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