/GEEZ/ has a shop


/GEEZ/ shop, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

It has been the idea from the start that AFTER Pose Fair I’d set up a little shop, and I’m proud to have been offered to do so at Copley Square, amidst some of SL’s finest content creators.

Ever since the start of Pose Fair though, I have received so many IMs and note cards with people asking for a LM to the my shop, that I decided to not wait til after Pose Fair, but to go ahead and set up. Luckily Jori left me an offline last night that she had added my logo to the TP board already so there we are… /GEEZ/ has a shop now!

However, I’d still love you to go buy the poses at the fair while it lasts, because over there, all the pose packs are set to a 50% donation to Motivation. So, to put in a little incentive to brave the lag (which I must add, after a few days for craziness, is way less now) the packs at the fair will cost you L$ 250 and the packs at the shop are priced L$ 300.

Visit /GEEZ/:

@ Pose Fair
@ Copley Square

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