Galatea is an upcoming release at Designing Nicky Ree. It’s currently exclusively available to her group members, and tomorrow, August 13, it will be released to the public.

GALATEIA was one of the Nereides, fifty goddess-nymphs of the sea. Her name means either “the goddess of calm seas” from galênê and theia or “milky-white” from galaktos. Galateia frequented the coast of Sicily where she attracted the attention of the Kyklops (Cyclops) Polyphemos. The giant wooed her with tunes from his rustic pipes, and offerings of cheese, milk, and wild fruit. The nymph, however, spurned his advances and consorted instead with a handsome Sicillian youth named Akis. When Polyphemos learned of this, he fell into a jealous rage and crushed the boy beneath a rock. Galateia was grief-stricken and transformed Akis into a stream.
Some say, Galateia was the mother by Polyphemos of Galatos, the eponymous king of Galatia in Asia Minor. (source: Nicky Ree’s info note card, worth reading because it also explains the various combinations that you can make with the many options that Nicky usually offers)

As with all her designs, Nicky draws her textures from scratch, after thorough research and going through lots of illustrations and stories for inspiration. I wanted to include, aside from the gown and the silk option also a close up of the coral and the texture on the cape, to show the incredible details in the texture.

(Hair Marianne from Truth, skin Charlize @KA Designs)

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