Frilly Little Bras & Frilly Little Knickers


Frilly Cherry Blossom, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Finally Dakota and Twiggy from Whippet & Buck decided to make some frilly little bras to go with their frilly little knickers which have been items in 50 L$ Fridays in the past. They are little, frilly and oh yes, adorable too… and they come in 8 delicious colours. They are available as separates and in convenient fat packs.

For those among us who currently live in their undies *coughs* Jori *coughs* these are an absolute must have. One thing though… I couldn’t help but giggle as I imagined all the voluptuous chested ladies wearing these frilly bras… and how their girls would suffer if they were wearing these in RL with ditto cupsizes… sorry… my bad :-D.

Other need to knows: I’m wearing L.Fauna’s Lapine (tan 1) fresh and Truth’s Bailey hair in coffee.

Slurls can be found here.

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