Friday Blues

Casual fashion LOTD

Having the blues isn’t always a bad thing, look at my clothes, it’s one of my current fave outfits, with Auxiliary‘s mini tote (C88) and Not So Bad‘s Joan jeans. I’m so glad the coldLogic team decided to release more versions of their cowl neck shirt and cropped cardi, because I love cowl necks. This one is called Cook.
At The Arcade, I got these Hurricane Bolt sneakers from Deco, because heels are great, but sometimes you just want comfort and not to worry about breaking your neck. Now that I come to think of it, today is such a day for me. I have to go to Amsterdam in a bit, and Dam Square has been renovated a few years ago with the most impossible cobble stones. It’s like walking on Lego blocks, so yay for sneakers in RL too, today!
Rory, by Truth is a great pony tail do and perfect for casual looks like this, so an easy choice for me, and I’m wearing Belleza‘s latest skin, Shyla.



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