Four Corners


What a cute idea! 4 fashion trends, 4 interior decorators and a great line up of SL’s finest creators to participate. Four Corners is opening to the public on December 17 and runs through December 31st.

The line up:

je suis (Julia Merosi)
*G Field* (Cerberus Noel) (item used in pic above)
Glam Affair/Tableau Vivant (Aida Ewing) (item used in pic above)
Action (MarilynMonroe Munro)
Priss (Erin Winterwolf)
marukin. (Valencia Southard)
ISON (Harry Hyx)
Willow (Weezey Warwillow) (item used in pic above)
paper.doll (Zoey Gabardini)
Whippet & Buck (Dakota Buck/Twiggy Whippet)
C’est Moi! (Marcantonio Beaumont)
Decorator: Amelie Knelstrom

croire (Emily Kaestner)
beetlebones (suetabulous Yootz)
The Sea Hole (Drinkinstein Sorbet)
League (Nena Janus) (item used in pic above)
Razorblade Jacket (Kehl Razor)
Raw House (Jay Khaos)
bellballs (Viollette Vyper)
Olive Juice (IsabellaGrace Baroque)
IMBUE. (Kaylahh Anatra)
Cheap Makeup (Stella Semaphore)
Decorator: Journey Lorakeet

LaGyo (Gyorgyna Larnia)
FIR & MNA (rob1977 Moonites)
Decoy (Annette Voight)
So Many Styles (Irie Campese)
Doppelganger (Francesca Cazenove/Syler Morgwain)
The Secret Store (Maylee Oh) (item used in pic above)
[Aura] (Tyr Rozenblum)
Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth)
MOOD (Jori Walter)
Insufferable Dastard (Audrey Lamede)
Decorator: Royal Living Magazine Team

undefined lillies (Liliana Barrs)
Milk Motion (Marie Lauridsen)
▲❍▼❏ (love) (Mae Liamano) (item used in pic above)
eleanor rigby. (Kyrsten Jigsaw)
Tokidoki (Maya Levane)
Ohmai (Anya Ohmai)
u.f.o (charming Meiler) (item used in pic above)
ROZENA (Lindsay Rozen)
STAKEY (Raymond Ohmai)
Caroline’s Jewelry (Caroline Apollo) (item used in pic above)
tulip. (Minami Susanowa)
Decorator: Katelynn Dastardly

Make sure you turn on your music when visiting, Rance Alva has created a special mix for the event, and it’s worth tuning into. Also, but you know that of course, events like this are likely to be very laggy. You will do yourself, and other visitors a huge favor by showing up as de-primmed and de-scripted as you can!!

Keep an eye on the offical Four Corners blog  for the LM’s when the event opens



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