Flow it, Show it


This Friday is a GOOD hairday, with newness (yesterday) from Truth and just a couple of hours ago from Exile. Exile has 2 new styles out today, Candace, a bombshell do, shown here in Harlow (which is my fave blond texture from Exile)  and Deanna (shown in kindred) which is a gorgeous loose updo with some serious bangs. A little bit less recent is Leslie, shown in whiskey, but I love it so much that I wanted to post it anyway. Leslie is right now available in 2 colors for at the Dressing Room and as everything over there ridiculously low priced!

Truth has 3 new out this week and caters to the long hair fans again with the retro-ish Lucille (worn in teal, yeah i know, i got carried away) which comes in a streaked version as well as a mono color version, Rayne, my fave of the week, adorably punky and also available in a streaked version. As an extra there is also a cute little bow to be attached. And then there is Iris, lovely braids with texture change beads (you can also make them invisible).

I can only say, TGIF!!!


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