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Click through for full colour version
Click through for full colour version

So what happens when RL is super hectic? You shop, but you don’t unpack stuff…. and then you find your inventory clogged with awesome but also, much newer awesome out already. Yup… recognise it?
I hit the Nomad gacha like crazy when I visited 6Republic the other week and yes, I got the full set! So all the decor, gym included, that you see is their stuff!
I used a pose from Black Cat‘s Punch time break (F) set for this pic, but their set comes with a punching bag as well. I adjusted it a bit to fit the feeling i was going for better.
My hair is Helena by Murray (N21) and my sportswear is from Vale Koer. My gloves I scored on the MP, they’re full perm by Meli Imako.

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