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I like it when my friends share the love and do nice things for their customers. Sachi and Damen at Adam ‘n Eve have decided to organise a BOGOF and since it is late, I will just paste the information that Sachi sent to her group:

As a New Years gift to our loyal group members we have decided to have a special Buy One Get One Free Day at Adam n Eve. (BOGOF)

This is open to group members of the Adam n Eve sachi Vixen Update Group ONLY.
Anything you purchase at the store on BOGOF Day entitles you to one item of the same price or less absolutely free!

What to do.

Be a member of Adam n Eve sachi Vixen Update Group
– Buy an item –
– Choose a free item to the same or lesser value –
– Make a notecard and title it “BOGOF from [insert your name here]” –
– Go to transaction history at www.secondlife.com/account and copy/paste details of your purchase onto the BOGOF notecard –
– Write the name of the free item and colour choice if applicable into the BOGOF notecard –
– Make your vote for the best designer between sachi and Damen –

– Pass all shoe, boot or jewellery choice notecards to Damen Gorilla –
– Pass all other choice notecards to sachi Vixen –

Your free item will be sent to you as soon as possible
ie when Damen recovers from his hangover which could literally take days but more likely 24 hours, in a folder entitled Adam n Eve – BOGOF for [your name will be here]

That’s all there is to it!

Midnight SLT Thursday 3rd January 2008 to Midnight SLT on Friday 4th January 2008

Whats included?
=Any purchase made in store on 4th January 2008, including skins, shoes, jewellery, shapes, eyes etc..

Can I get an Adore skin for free if I buy an Elizabeth R gown?
=Yes. Every item instore is included in this promotion, buy ANY one item and get ANY one item to the same or lesser value free.

Can I get 4 pairs of eyes if I buy a pair of incanti shoes?
=No. The offer is for any ONE item of the same value or less, so if you buy incanti shoes you can get ONE pair of eyes free if you wish.

If I buy a L$ 5000 multi skin pack and want a pair of eyes free can I have the balance paid to me in L$?
=No way Charles. No redeeming for cash.

I’ve just bought a L$1 DEMO, can I have another one for free?
=Yes, if you insist.

Is there really no god but Damen?
=Yes he likes to think so.

Have a great New Year and Happy Shopping from sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla.

Damen… god… he wish… but he does make divine shoes…

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