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I like how this photo has turned out. And since I’m about to ramble on prim feet… let me start by saying that post processing in this photo has merely consisted of adjusting some levels. This image is not heavily photoshopped.

Feet… they have been my fave thing to rant on in SL ever since I reviewed my first skin and was appalled by the ugly sloppiness of the avatar feet in general… and of that particular skin more specifically. Making good feet on the SL mesh is, most definitely, a challenge.

And now there are shoes not only with prim toes, but entire prim feet. Well, technically they are not new right now, but lately more people are able to market decent looking ones. Like J’s, Stiletto Moody and more recently SLink!. I’ve tried a pair of the prim toe shoes from J’s, but they were hard to get the skin tone right for me… so they have not survived the last inventory purge. Stiletto Moody’s look good… but I refuse to spend 1499 L$ on a pair of shoes… they don’t look thát good to me, honestly and… can I haz demo please if I am about to spend that amount of L$? I have however, bought a couple of SLink’s. Because I like Siddean and her work, because her work is original and authentic… and because she made a nifty HUD with the shoes that made tinting them, well… not a total piece of cake.. but easier than I remember from JC’s. And because… call me cheap… she provides a demo and the shoes cost 500 L$, which is a third of what Stiletto charges!

This morning, along with the latest release at SLink I picked up the prim feet as well and made a couple of photos with it, trying out different light settings and such. And there we have what is my main issue with these feet… I can make them work with my skin, yes… in my light setting… but to someone else, they may look like frankenfeet or gangreen affected. Ever since LL introduced windlight we have tons of settings to choose from or able to create our own acording to our preferences… SL has become a far more individual experience. I can look at a sunset… and so can you.. we can sit on the same beach… or car… and look at the same scenery… but if we don’t share the same windlight setting… it can look al watermelony to you… and fairytalish to me…and we can both love what we see… well.. that is.. I probably like my feet… and in your light… they can freak you out.

So… to prim feet or not to prim feet….? I like them for photos… but even in SL I’m way too self concious to not be bothered if you see my feet like some ugly zombie subjects… especially because in RL, I think my feet are the only really pretty part of me.

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  1. I like J’s and will probably try SLinks but there is no way I will ever shop at Stiletto Moody again. Her stuff is unimaginative though nice, but no better than, (and not as good as) lots of other designers and ridiculously overpriced. I agree also about the lack of demos, and she just seems to be completely uninterested in anything but seeing how much she can rip us all off for.

    Wuth the prim feet thing, I think it’s an encouraging progression and is likely to get a lot better so i welcome these initial forays. Now, if they will do something about our hideous hands…:)

  2. As a person whos loves prim feet and also a person natorious for taking an haour to get dressed in sl… I have finally solved the debate with myself. Honestly I think they make me looki better, and what I see in sl is all that really matters. So If my feet look hawt to me… then who is to say they dont to everyone else… It’s as though people often tell you anything mroe than your being ruthed… What is it they say about ones perception of reality being the reality… so if I percieve that I look good… then isthat the fact?

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