Fashism, the Window to Your Soul


Back in 2006 when I started SL, I used the eyes of Toast Bard from Fashionably Dead. I didn’t want to use Naughty Designs’ eyes, because they were too small and too hard for me, although I must admit I have bought some of them, because they were hugely popular back then. Later on I discovered Miriel, and I think I bought all her eyes over the time. They were awesome. But sadly enough Miriel closed, and even though I don’t usually credit my eyes, I do not want to feature something on my blog consistently which is no longer available. For over a year, the eyes from PXL have been pretty much my default eyes, with a little love affair on the side with L.Fauna’s prim eyes, in case I needed those.

But now I have new eye love.  Ikon Innovia of Fashism makes some of the very best eyes I have ever seen in SL.  Realistic, but not hyper realistic (no annoying visible veins) No heavy shading on the eye ball which will pretty much only look good when you look straight into the camera, a plethora of colors the ones I’m showing here are nowhere close to the total collection, and every color comes in different shades to (e.g.  hazel, light hazel and deep hazel) .

What I also really like in these eyes is the beautiful reflection. Some of the widely popular brands have way too much highlights for my personal taste. It’s not cool when you can’t see someone’s eyes because they are full of bokeh 😛 and of course I am sold on the size of the pupils. Not too large, but certainly not too small. People I see with pin point pupils… idk… I always want to punch them in the face. They look hard and bitchy to me.

When you buy a color of FASHISM eyes, you will get them in 5 sizes. Depending on my mood I’m usually wearing M or ML, but they range from S to XL. A pack of a single color (in all sizes)  will cost you L$ 150


8 thoughts on “Fashism, the Window to Your Soul”

  1. Wow Grazia! Thanks for such a well presented blog about my eyes! Love how you explained things and laid it out.

  2. Yep, Fashism eyes are my favorites also, and I have almost every color. I might as well delete all the others I own, ‘cuz I’ll never wear them after finding Ikon’s eyes.

  3. Yum.. I love these eyes, they have been my favs since I snagged a couple sets at a special event a month or so back. I absolutely love that they come in 5 sizes because so often I have bought eyes, only to find they were unwearable due to being too large, or too small!!

    ummm.. wait.. you shared and now everyone will have our eyes..WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  4. These eyes are the best I’ve ever seen in SL! Ikon is as talented as he is kind, and makes himself available to his customers for questions and help. I am so glad I found this store!!!

  5. I have to agree 100%.
    So many times I thought that I had the perfect eyes for me, and it’s been a road of disappointment for great dark brown eyes, or even eyes in general. I had no eyes that could work with every skin.

    Since I purchased a pair (or two) at Fashion for Life last month, I have not worn another pair of eyes from anyone else! Once dark brown was released, I’m sold for the rest of my slife. So sold that I boxed up all of my other eyes.

  6. I do wish they had the option for slightly less reflections — that’s what’s keeping me from buying them. Right now they still look too much like sparkly Barbie eyes, and I tend to go for more subtlety. Otherwise, they’re really, really beautiful.

    You’re so right, though, about eyes with tiny pupils — they make people look like junkies.

  7. Great post, but I still sob occasionally about the loss of the Miriel store. I used to do afk modelling there back in the day on a previous SL account and remember she was so generous with what she paid her models. SL has never looked quite so good through anyone else’s eyes 🙂

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