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Aaaaand I’m done with the creepy October stuff.
I think.
For now at least.
Because I picked up Kungler‘s Farah set and it just doesn’t give off a spooky vibe. Au contraire, it’s fun, light, and so pretty! So I’m wearing it with the brand new Romance dress from Blueberry which will be out for Versus event (of which I haven’t actually been able to find any recent data, but I have seen more releases for it on Flickr recently, so my guess is: opening soon). Actually, this made bubble up a little rant: if you are an event organiser advertise your event properly. Make sure your website is up to date and have social media links that actually point to your event and not, as I’m now assuming, to your umbrella entity. After all, I’m fairly sure you make creators pay to be in your event. You owe them at least this much!

Jeez, it’s 8 am on a Saturday morning, too early for rants really. So back to the outfit of today. Dress:check; jewelry: check… so on to the make up!

Hair Coven by Doux
Head Fleur by LeLutka
Skin Melania by Eudora Beauty (can we have a name change please? I love the skin, but I’m allergic to the name. I feel like I have to ruin Rosegardens now, and plan out tacky Christmas decorations while really not caring)
Eyeshadow Kae by Morgenstern
Lipstick Glossy Lips by Morgenstern
Eyes Piper by Heaux

I think I need a drink. It’s going to be one of those days.

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