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Yesterday I found a note from Ryan with a picture attached and the IM “I can so see you in this gown… Teal perhaps?” Well, ever since I met Ryan when I started blogging for Second Style, he has been tipping me on things every now and then, and this guy just has a keen eye for great textures. So whenever he gives me a heads up, I usually follow up on that asap. Like last night. Fantasia is a shop I would not likely visit on my normal shopping trips. I’m not really into fantasy, Gor and other RP, and this shop just fits nicely in that category. On the other hand, I do realise that there are some amazingly talented designers in that niche. Like Dream Resistance, the creator of Fantasia Fantasy Clothiers.
In her shop a fair collection of fantasy attire. The teal decadence gown that I´m showing has a matching hood and veil so that it is a wonderful outfit for the free women of Gor. Now, wearing that is not my piece of cake, but the primwork, and the texture, and the slight middle east look and feel of the design, makes it a very lovely piece. The Court gown is a beautiful piece as well. the belt is a textured prim, not full prim, and sometimes i just like that better. I opted here for the full outfit, with the transparent undershirt and the lace collar, but you can play at will with the various layers. And again, great primwork, and lovely textures.
Fantasia Fantasy Clothier offers outfits for both men and women.
Other info: The hair is Sky Everett’s Sairawen hair (hair fair) and the skin is PXL Creations Linda Passion Make up (soon to be released)

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