Exodi's Sienna.. Raising the Bar


From the very first skin, that she put out earlier this year, til this one, Ryker Beck has been developing so fast. Where her first skin were awesome, and incredible for a starting skinner… Sienna is a seasoned product.. smooth, crisp textures, no smudging and or blurring to cover up hard to handle template issues… no… this skin is just pretty much flawless.

The body is toned, the legs even muscular… maybe a little too much for my personal taste and not balanced with the tone of the torso and the arms, but that is not a flaw, that is my personal preference. But… and I have to admit it, Ms Ryker totally nailed the leg shading and it they really look like the legs of a runner, long and athletic. What I’ve always loved best in Ryker’s skins is the back… yes, call me weird…. but I love the way the back is drawn on this skin, how the skin seems to lay supple over the muscles. And the dimples… yay! Sienna comes with a notmal and a cleavage option, as well as a freckles and a non freckled skin and light and dark brows.

Normally I start with a make up selection of the skins I feature on my blog, but this time I am going to end with them, because there are 16 make ups in total… and I could not pick a couple of them… so here they come… :

Other assets: I’m wearing hair by Truth (Lucinda on the collage, and Cameron on the make up shots) Coco Designs’ khaki  v-neck, Adam ‘n Eve’s Mistral shoes  and DP Serendipity ‘s Luna di Miele Champagne lingerie.

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