Enough is Enough!
According to me, nothing says “Sexy” like great jeans! I openly admit how much I like Zoobong for their pants, the “Cali” jeans from Zoobong really does it for me, I like it so much, can’t get it off me! We all know how great the stuff at Sey is, I am sporting a very nice scarf from there along with some absolutely cute Gritty Kitty hair and wicked HoD piercings. The Tattoo I have on is my own, a new release at HUZ (Self Promotion?), the shoes are from HOC, these are possibly the best shoes you will get for this price! Finally, the location is the nicely designed Primitive City Sim, sporting some really nice items of their own!
Hair – Gritty Kitty : Flynn – Liquorice
Scarf – Sey : Afghan Stole
Pants – Zoobong : Cali Jeans (Aqua)
Tattoo – HUZ : Veritas
Piercings – .HoD. : Fusion v.2 – Smite
Shoes – HOC Industries : Easy Striders – Viewer 2.0 Shoes
Location – Primitive City

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