Easy Like a Sunday Morning


Sleeping in, waking up slowly with the weekend paper and a huge pot of tea, enjoying the sunlight coming through the window, knowing that it’s almost freezing outside. A day to remain in the comfort of your house and be lazy, or, like in my case today, domestic. I know, ironing is boring, and I absolutely hate it, but on a day like today, it’s not so bad, really.

No pun intended, but the decor for this pic is NotSoBad indeed. I’ve rezzed their latest release, the BOW skybox to create a little cozy corner for my chores.  I went over to Artilleri earlier, because I knew that Antie had this adorable, texture change ironing board, with laundry in a wicker basket and while there my eyes wandered to the Glasgow couch and chair.  Artilleri is mainly known for the adorable retro clothing, but there is also a more than decent section with  to die for vintage furniture! Also from Artilleri is the Aberdeen coffee table.

Other decorating elements are the Message in a Bottle collection and the nautical rug from LISP as well as the Monstera plant from LP2.  For some extra girly colour I added  the pink texture from the Bold collection by Made by Moo to a prim covering the built in white ridge from the skybox.

Other need to knows: hair by Elikatira, skin by Bella di Notte, scarf & shirt by Milk Motion, top by Whippet & Buck and yogapants by Surf Courute.

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