Dutchie: The Hague Pied à Terre


 Froukje, the creator behind Dutchie, has made this lovely sky box, modelled after a late 19th century The Hague apartment. If you have ever been in such a Dutch house, you will recognise it immediately. The rooms en suite, the high windows to let in the most light possible, the stained glass details, the patterned tiles in the bathroom it is all so typical for our middle class dwellings and as we speak, such apartments are really wanted by the young professionals/ 2 person households… who can afford them…

I chose to decorate this skybox exclusively with Dutchie items. because Froukje has so many items tat really fit this stile of apartment and it’s pretty much a trip down memory lane for me, because an uncle of my dad used to live in a similar home in Amsterdam, with similar furniture.  Couch, chaise and chairs are all texture change and have tons of seats and animations in them. From strictly PG to very sexy.

 This bed is one of the prettiest I have seen in a longs time and this, also, contains tons of animations. Play a game of chess, or enjoy some cool air from a fan on a hot day while enjoying a chat with your friends, as well as getting it on with your SLover, Dutchie has thought of it all. Not to mention just laying there by yourself, daydreaming and watching the sun set through the huge window.  I was tempted to test if the closet had an anim to hide your other lover… but alas, you will have to eject him/her.

I am such a fan of bathrooms in SL. I know… odd… I don’t have the patience to soak in the tub in RL… but I love it in SL. Oh well, maybe also because it’s such a perfect “parking space” for when I am actually working in photoshop or otherwise afk. This bathroom is more than spacious and again, the bath, has a lot of anims to play with in case you’re not afk. I had so much fun putting all the stuff in , and to find that Froukje has paid great attention to the details. I mean… as silly as you may find toilets in SL… since they exist.. I do appreciate some toilet paper as well 🙂 Oh and Froukje’s hanging robes (mod, so you can give them any color you like) are one of my long time favorite decoration items.

Skybox footprint: 15 x 35 m (119 prims)
Total prims used: 560

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  1. I see that I will have to take the shotgun out of the closet and hide it somewhere else… Love the apartment tho.

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