I told you yesterday about this tattoo that doesn’t want to come off my face… well… it’s out now.  Duality retails for 249 L$ at blog buddy Hunain’s shop HUZ tats (yes, shameless friend promotion, sue me) @ Copley Square and comes in a full face and half face version. One thing to keep in mind, because it’s tintable, it will only work in SL2.1 for now, since the other versions do not support tintable tattoo layers yet. But 2.1 in my opinion is a serious improvement over 2.0 anyway, so go ahead and try it!

5 thoughts on “Duality”

  1. wow, those look good! Thanks for showing me these wonderfulest face tattoos ever! *runs off to get his copy*


  2. I really like that. I however do not like the viewer that supports the use of it. This makes me sad, and confused.

    I may have to use the icky viewer just to be able to look awesome in the face.

    Nice work Hunain, and beautiful pic, Grazia.

  3. Ty Isle, im sorry that you feel bad about the new viewers, I made the switch myself to avail the new features and I got used to them. Viewer 2.1 has alot of very useful features and fixes some issues people had with viewer 2.0, in our case, tintable tattoo layers..

    I hope you can try the new viewer and the tattoos, best of luck.

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