Dias de los Muertos


Dias de los Muertos II, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Sparkle Skye has this beautiful Dias de los Muertos gown 50% off this weekend. As you may expect from ms. Skye, it comes loaded with lots of goodies, the garland with veil and the wings are just beautiful… not to mention the details on the skirt… skulls shimmering through the fabric… and for the less morbidly inclined, there is also a non blood stained version of the bodice included.

Other assets: hair Green II by Maitreys, skin Tuli Hope groupgift (n/a)

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  1. Oh! Stunning! I think I need to buy that for next Halloween! I am a sucker for accessories, and that garland looks just yum.

    You used a bit greeinish light? The Tuli skin isn’t light green, but ivory/grey?

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