Dark Nights


Dark Night

Nights have been associated with many things, darkness, evil, gloom, sadness, cold and more, It is quite amazing how at night one can feel things so strongly, the stillness, the calmness may make you feel at peace or literally engulf you like a dark abyss. It is during the nights we feel hate, love, loneliness, peace of mind, satisfaction, desire and so on..I believe a night does not have any projection of it’s own, the only capability of a night is to mirror one’s own feelings, much amplified..

On me:
Suit – Equinox : Gothicatz
Scarf – Long Scarf / Black : Maitreya
Shades – Renenutet : Kalnins
Skin – Tyson : Redgrave
Tattoo – Unreleased : HUZ-TATS

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