Da Shape


Ever since the launch of Fleur’s new skin Allure and this photo being in the shop among other gorgeous work from fellow Allure afficionadas, people have been asking me if they can buy the shape I’m using for Allure.

Well, you cannot. It’s fast becoming my default shape, because she gives almost every skin a very cute and quirky look, and I’m not giving my look away. However, I did create this shape out of one of the shapes that I sell in my shop, Inès, and whereas the one in the photo is different, Allure looks great on Inès as well.

Inès and some other shapes, as well as my poses ( I should really add new ones * sighs* ) are for sale in Rue d’Antibes.

The hair is from Zerlinda (beta) who has a couple of cute styles out at PXL Creations, the earrings are from Viva La Glam (taken over by aliens by now?) and the breautiful hibiscus is from Eleonora Newell

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