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There is a lot going on over at Cupcakes, Rosemary and Mimi have been moving, to a new main location at Le Zoo, and there are new skins too by the name of Celebrity. Wouldn’t have to do anything with the gracious owner of their new home stead? If so, I’m dying ofcourse to see a review from Ms Trollop herself over at Second Style blog.

Anyway, the collaboration between Mimi and Rosemary is very successful as far as I’m concerned. The skins have become bolder than they used to be when Mimi was making them on their own, and the bodies are smoother than back when Rosemary worked still solo. Which is funny, because in this skin Mimi has worked mostly on the faces, and the body is mainly Rose’s work. They have split the work on the make ups, and there are a lot of them, 20 per skintone, from the sweetest, very minimal, liner and gloss, through the dramatic evening make ups. I’m showing the 5 skintones in the photo above, the middle tone, Honey, I used twice. I really like that one. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the 2nd fairest skintone Vanilla because it’s a little too orange for me, and the same goes for Nutmeg, (2nd from the left) which is too yellowish for me, but will probably do very well if your avatar is Asian. I’ve always liked the dark skins from Rose and Mimi, and this Mocha is no exception, and the very fair Sugar is almost translucent when you see it in world. Lovely. What I like best in these faces is the cheekbone shading. It sculpts the face very subtly.

The body, like the previous skins, is pleasant. I like the chest on the skins, how the collarbone and chestbone are drawn, as well as the generous cleavage shading. Celebrity has a lovely tush as well. I’m less pleased with the hands and feet on the darker skintones, the drawn details get too hard for my taste and the texture on the feet (ankles and feet really) seem oddly stretched, but that may be completely personal. After all…. you still are trying demos before buying a skin, right? Ok, that’s it, I’m off to Cupcakes to buy some more make ups.

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