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RL called and I was away for a few days, busy RL coupled with Hot summer, equals no work! Nevertheless, good to be back in SL. Today most of the stuff I am wearing is from AOHARU, boots from ANEXX, which are basically the same. The Hat is from REEK, the chain from Alamood and shades from HOC. The clothes from AOHARU are brilliantly made as usual, nice sculpt work, great textures, no issues there. The Hat from Reek is so cute! So finely made, nicely scripted with tons of options for color, size and a cute strap down the chin! The female versions have built in hair options while the male hat is without hair. The Alamood chain is a classic design with some nice texturing, I will try to get a closer look of it in the upcoming posts. The boots from ANEXX are highly detailed, the invisi prims maybe a put off for some people though, yet once they fit, they do look good!

On me:

Hat – Reek : Ween Cowboy Hat
Jacket – AOHARU : Leather Riders Jacket_Zac_Used Brown
Shirt – AOHARU : V-Neck Knit Set_White_Black
Pants – AOHARU : Vintage Denim_Dark
Boots – ANEXX : 2way Belt Laceup Boots
Chain – Alamood Boutique : Bostonian Limited Necklace
Glasses – HOC : Aviator Style Glasses #003

Note: Non-SL background used.

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