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W&B, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Finally I got a go from Twiggy Whippet to use these dresses in a blogpost. She sent me these some time ago as a gift, but since she was no where near to opening her shop, it didn’t feel right to put pressure on her by blogging them back then.
Twiggy is the primary designer of Whippet&Buck and she’s currently building her shop and inventory and when I asked her about the status of things, she gave me a go, and she told me she’s planning to open in about 2 weeks. So keep an eye open for more information and SLurls and such.

So from left to right, I have styled the Bardot Tartan Tube dress in a few different ways:
The Olive drab dress I’m wearing with LeLutka’s black Dietrich blouse, Kyoot Army’s brown/black Electro belt, and Maitreya’s lime patent pumps. The purple Valentino I’ve teamed up with the scarlet medium length gloves from Fleur and the Feur scarlet Leather Sash Belt. The necklace is Aemilia, from W&B and the shoes are Belle, from Shiny Things. Then there is the Indigo, which I’m wearing with the Cole boat neck top from W&B in Electric, and the Turquoise patent belt from Fleur, and the classic blue stacks from Shiny Things. To the far right I’m wearing the Bardot Tartan Tube dress in gold, as is, with only the Calla necklace from Dela and the yellow Dahlia pumps from Armidi.

Further, in all 4 cases, I’m wearing Efe,fromPXLCreations, which I’ve been told is about to be released later this week and Damselfly’s Valerija hair.

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