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Sunday!!! And I am not doing a thing today and there is no one at home to make me feel guilty about it!
I’m so busy with this latest RL work assignment that I have precious little energy left to do anything else, but that’s what weekends are good for. Yesterday I spent mostly sleeping. Got up at 2 pm and took a 4 hr nap at 7pm, then caught up with Don and went back to sleep after about one hour or so… an hour full of yawning. I simply couldn’t stop myself.
Today I foresee, may not be a whole lot different. And I’m not even feeling guilty of it. That’s what my weekends alone are for.
That and just playing dress up with my pixel self. Nothing fancy today, but all about comfort with 1 Bad Pixel‘s bootcut jeans and Ison‘s oversized top (C88). I’m in love with Yummy‘s bow scarfs which she has out for this month’s C88 and I wear them with anything, whether they match or not.  One concession I did to the comfy and cosy theme and that is that I put on the impossible high heeled Mae pumps from Gos Boutique, but well, my pixel feet never hurt, so who cares. Time doesn’t count on a day like today but the Sitennoah watch and bracelet set from Mandala is kinda awesome anyway
The super sleek lovely Ashbury hair is from Analog Dog and I have picked Glam Affair‘s Zara skin for today.

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