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 Cold Logic is about to open soon and it’s a meshy brainchild of seasoned SL creators Zyrra Falcone, Janie Marlowe and Damien Fate. If you join their subscribo you can still pick up this introduction gift which is a lovely tunic in 3 colors. I am very much looking forward to see more of their creations. The only thing I wish were different is that ColdLogic does not seem to have adopted the standard sizing, but maybe once they open in February, they will have and is this sample the only thing that hasn’t the standard sizing.

[correction] the tunic DOES come in standard sizing… I must have been looking at Jane’s pants and just registered the fair lush and other names she uses. Sorry, guys! Looking forward to the new stuff!!!

Other things I am wearing: Truth hair Sophie, Kandia skin by Essences, Ambition necklace by MOOD, Jane‘s low ride pants and Hucci‘s d’Ann pumps.

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  1. Hi Grazia!

    Thanks for the write up on the upcoming coldLogic brand! I just want to leave a quick comment confirming that we do use the Standard Sizing, the tunic you received is actually boxed in all 5 standard sizes along with a notecard for further information on standard sizing 🙂

    -coldLogic team

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