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Today I am sharing some love for one of my favourite SL creators. My go-to girl for awesome glasses and quirky accessories is Gretchen Bonerschnitzel (Distorteddreams) from Fetch. These Winky glasses are from her, as well as the mug with hot, strong, and delicious coffee, which contrary to the text on the mug, doesn’t smell like children at all! The glasses are available at this month’s Uber, and the mugs are from the Halloween edition of The Arcade, which has opened today.

Gretch, please never stop making awesome glasses! I adore you and your frames <3

It’s sweater weather! So i’m feeling snuggly in my “Comfy Sweater over Shirt” by COCO Designs. I love how factual the names of their items always are. It helps a ton looking stuff up in my oversized inventory! I’m wearing the sweater on a new pair of slacks from Mimikri, named Marlee. and while you don’t see them, my Ohemo Marmont high loafers (click for a pic on Ohemo’s Flickr) complete the outfit, which is super casual, yet classy.

Skinwise, I am wearing LeLutka‘s FLeur head with Mila‘s Anita skin. I fancy a thicker brow, so I got the Lily ones from Nar Mattaru. and while there, I could not resist the Fatale lipstick, which I am wearing as well. I am also wearing the Glitterati eyeshadow from Shiny Stuffs and Izzie’s chin dimple. For a bit of an extra accent on my cheek bones, I grabbed my contour brush and added Top1Salon‘s cheek contouring from the new face set. Oh, and today’s hair is Elvia, a lovely loose curl one from Doux which I wear pretty often!

Well, that’s about it for today! Hang in there and be safe!

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