Yep, I’ve decided to close Grapevine. It was fun while it lasted, but truth is that I’ve been sans inspiration for too long and not really looking forward to get going again in an overly saturated market whithout an amazing idea to stand out from the crowds.

So what have I done. Here is the deal. All pose sets are set on L$ 150, that’s for a set of 10 and all mod/copy shapes are set to L$ 200 until my lease ends. Which I think is a pretty good price for both poses and shapes! When my lease ends, it will be all gone, and I’ll go back to the way I used to work before I started Grapevine, making shapes and poses and use them for my own fun, and occasionally on demand. I still love doing small custom projects and exclusives.

I have added a script to my vendors and all proceeds of the sets and shapes will go to Heart for Love.

So come grab some stuff before it’s gone!

PS. Individual poses are marked down to L$ 40. And I will make a donation of the equivalent of the sales on them since I cannot add the donation script to the pose stands

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