Christmas Dinner Party

fashion LOTD

This combination is what I’d consider wearing to a formal dinner party with co-workers. Call me old fashioned, but I am not a fan of showing a lot of leg or cleavage in my work environment. Just as I am not likely to have even one glass of wine too much. After all, party or not, it’s still a business environment and I have no intention of embarrassing myself with my professional peers and superiors. *grins* I’m rambling, you are not used to that anymore. So lets go to the essential of my posts, zee credits.  You don’t always have to wear the newest of the newest. This bow shirt from COCO Designs, I bought it back in early 2010, but it goes perfectly with Gizza‘s Maxi skirt. Epoque‘s Runway Monarchy is one of my favorite updo’s and I can’t wait for PXL Creations to finally release Kate, the skin I’m wearing because I’m dying to see all make ups. The ruby earrings are from MOOD‘s  Desiderio Brillante INDULGENCE set.

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