Choice Anxiety

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I’m a bit overwhelmed. Ok, not just a bit… I am completely overwhelmed with all the events going on at the same time.. TDR, TMD TFG, TCF, TFC…  WTF?

Yes, I know there is more. Way more, but this is not a compendium of all SL events, it’s just… I don’t know where to go and what to spend my few L$ on!! I have Choice Anxiety, the feels are real, people!

So I am trying to keep myself in check, hence the collar with leash, so I can pull myself back when I go overboard. Just like the cuffs I’m wearing, it is from Lost Haven and I bought it at ROMP the other week (yes, yet another event!!)

Not that it’s very useful, or maybe I should have worn the RLV scripted version to keep me away,but anyway, the pieces of Picardy furniture are from Cheeky Pea, at TMD, which has just opened, so beware, it’s just a wee laggy right now. Lots of cool stuff again, and not only for men, I promise!

The corset I am wearing is from A:S:S. It comes in a nice selection of various textures and it fits perfectly under my Ison pencil skirt.
From Hucci are the Fayette slingbacks which I am wearing. Parts are color change, so I could match them perfectly with my corset.

I am still wearing Glam Affair‘s Rose and Letis‘Aeternus tattoo. My hair is from Blues, and called Crystal. I bought it during Hair Fair (oh Mother of all events!), but I don’t know whether it is in the shop yet. It’s made by elisaokkbye, so maybe you should push her to do a shop release AND make more hair because I dig it!


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