Chocolate et cetera



My long time friend Lucas just IMed me with the question “Chocolate or cookies?”  Whilst normally such a question would cause me an existentialist crisis, today is very much a chocolate day, so that was answered easily enough. Next thing I knew he dropped a box of chocolates from Feather  on me, which I find totaly adorable. Thanks Luc!! <3.  This prim food does not attach to your mouth… but you wear the box of chocolates and on first touch the lit lifts and you can pick your choice of bon bons… when you touch the chocolate, it will appear in your hand and you’ll bring it to your mouth, then it will disappear again… and you can pick another one for your chocolate fix. “but Grazia….. there are only four… how will that ease your craving??, you’ll ask….. Aaaaah… my dear, that is the good part about this fine chocolate food that does not attack your hips nor will cause nasty break outs… once you empty the box, It will just replenish itself  when you put the lit back on. And then you can start all over again… and again… and again… til your pixels are sated and the virtual endorphines will make you feel full of pixel bliss.

The et cetera in this post is dedicated to a little fundraiser that the people at Tableau have put together to help Toast get her long longed for sex change. Ok… rumours are her computer died… but that’s obviously way too normal a reason, considering the nature of the Tableau Troupe. So a sex change it is.. must been the longing to do in RL what in SL you can do in a minute… which I totally have every morning when stuck in traffic and really just want to TP to work… Oh right, I’m rambling… sorry… Anyway… At the central square you’ll find, among others, the pretty Bang Bang hair from Lamb! and the darling Blooming Roses blouses from Très Blah that I’m wearing here. Other contributors are Thimbles, Pudge and Pig. So don’t be cheap and go get some goodies and support one of SL’s most appreciated artists.

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