Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands

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I had the last of my chocolate christmas stash today and I feel utterly sorry for myself. Chocolate works better during a lockdown than anything else. It’s happiness melting in your mouth.

On another topic, it doesn’t happen often that I blog the same dress twice in a row, but this Kvist dress from Boys to the Bone inspired me. On yesterday’s blog I wore it pretty glam, with statement jewelry, but today’s outfit is comfy, with a nice warm turtleneck and coat and boots!

On another topic again (I know, I’m rambling today) Shout out to the creators of SL: please make BOM layer basics, such as henleys, t-shirts, turtlenecks (ok, maybe with a rigged neck part, that would ne nice) etc etc. I know Erratic and Izzie have made some, and I am super grateful for them, but I need more basics to wear under mesh clothes, like here! Also, leggings!

Hair by Foxy, Ivy @Kustom9
Mesh head by leLUTKA, Zora
Skin by Glam Affair, Svea @Kustom9
Eyebrows by Arte, Lilie
Eyeshadow by Warpaint, Regal
Lipstick by The MARS, Mellow lip
Earrings by Kunst, Amelia
Necklace by Fetch, Stella
Turtleneck by Nylon Outfitters, Turtleneck bodysuit
Dress by Boys to the Bone, Kvist
Coat by Gabriel, Off shoulder Fur 2021 @Kustom9
Belt by United Colors, Sabrina
Boots by Gos Boutique, Claudia

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