Chillin at the Beach!


Both on the Beach

Good furniture, and I mean “Good” furniture is hard to find in SL, while some creators really put a lot of effort and creativity in their work, mostly you find the same pre-fab sculpts, textured badly and put together, no offense to anyone. NOTsoBAD has been one of my favourite stores for quite some time, be it builds or furniture, the quality has been exceptional and the designs, exquisite.

Today I wanted to review one of the new releases, ASPEN set, by NOTsoBAD. The set contains 2 deck chairs, 1 table and 1 parasol. They are all scripted for color changes and pose adjustment, a wide variety of colors are available from dark to light and bright shades. The texturing on the furniture is very fine, the sculpts are nicely finished and hold out even when zoomed out. The shadow work is nice and provides some nice added eye-candy, yet In my personal opinion I find the shadows a tad bit too sharp. The table in the set holds a magazine, some much needed sun-screen and a drink! The set is perfect for setting up outside and catch some sun with some pretty gals!

H on the Beach

I absolutely love working with Grazia, she is gorgeous, has a great sense of style and well..she is gorgeous! She helped me so much with this review, the location is her private hideout, where she landscapes often and creates some beautiful scenes, she setup the whole scene for this shoot and well, helped me with her gorgeous presence!

G on the Beach

Phew…the sun and well, the hotness Grazia is radiating, made me sweat, glad im not wearing much!

Furniture : NOTsoBAD – Aspen Set

Details on Aspen Set : Click Me

Location : Grazia’s Secret Hideout

NOTE : The lighting has not been modified, nor are the colors, the pictures have been photoshopped to fix any breaks in the avatars and skin due to poses, which is normal. The review is a furniture review, not a skin review.

on Hunain:
Boxers : Zaara – Deven Boxers *grey & red*
Shades : Reek – Park Shades
Hair : Gritty Kitty – Maine *Black*

on Grazia:
Hair : Truth – Rayne (latte)
Bikini : Casa del Shai – Tie Dye Bikini *Pink*
Shades : GOS – Cateye glasses
Skin : Curio – Breeze (Acorn Pure)

Feel free to IM me in-world, Hunain Bellic.

0 thoughts on “Chillin at the Beach!”

  1. I agree with Hunain that the shadows are a tad bit hard, even for noon shadows. But that is merely a personal opinion and not necessarily reflects reality. BTW, I find it hardest on the shadow of the parasol, which isn’t really shown in these photos.

  2. Great post – sadly for me, most of the scale is off – and I feel like I am being swallowed – NsB is not that way generally, this set, however, does look ginormous!

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