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Back to the ’90’s for this month’s Collabor88. I may splurge on the acid/smiley and other full bright colored items later, but for this post I am sticking to myself and be more demure. I know, I’m boring like that.
First off, Truth‘s new hair Candy. It’s a regular release in his shop, so no c88, but I love it, so I wanted to use it. My skin is Belleza’s Ava which is one of this weekend’s Belleza Best Buys skins! The necklace is from Maxi Gossamer for C88 and the camo vest is this month’s contribution from Ison. The basic white v-neck tee is an old one from Coco Designs. Pre-mesh, but it works great with the vest. My mint Scallop shorts are from Fashionably Dead and were out for a previous C88 edition and my Mary Janes are from, who is a guest in this month’s edition.

More to follow, but first things first…. groceries and cleaning to do in rl!!

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