Chestnut Winter Camp for C88

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Another C88 post because this edition is SO cool…. literally as the inspiration is “frostbite” and the creativity again overwhelming. I’m a happy camper in Cheeky Pea‘s Chestnut Winter Camp, with all the items full of animations, both in a PG and an Adult version. Please try the ones on the iglo, they are so cute!!

Although in RL I would not wear a cute dress while camping out in the snow, I really wanted to wear Ingenue‘s Chaud dress, because the plum matches so perfectly with the sky! My hair is Take on me by Bubbles Clawtooth and the Geanna frostbite skin is from Izzie. Awesome to see her in C88!!! From LaGyo is the snow crystal inspired necklace on a black velvet ribbon with color/texture change gems.
Not in C88 are Lassitude & Ennui‘s suede boots (I LOVE them!!) and Izzie‘s  lavender sheer tights.

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