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A couple of days ago I received this kind postcard from the Pearl sisters Adelaide, Cecily and Vivian telling that they just completed finishing school and that they are now residing with their guardian Mr. Byron Westminster in his beautiful home. I’m pretty sure mr. Westminster has his hands full to protect these 3 playful young ladies from the perils that these vulnerable creatures are exposed to once they will make their debut, butfor the time being, the household seem to be pleasantly disciplined.

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Under the protective yet firm hand of their guardian, the Pearl sisters have been diligently working on a few projects for their Cheeky Girls brand which now are ready to share with the world. The visitor to their home may expect some lovely lingerie sets, made out of soft silk and antique lace, with knickers and brassières the leave some to be discovred yet and which are perfect to surprise your Valentine with. There are a couple of hairdo’ s, wickedly innocent, some with colour change accessoires and with lovely soft textures in girly colours. Demure yet alluring. There is a modest collection of  beautiful shiny eyes that will make him melt when you look up at him… either in utter adoration, or while teasing and feeling frisky. And then there is a pretty skin collection which has some innovative and slightly naughty features…. 

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One can purchase extra textures to these skins with a freckled cleavage, or if you indulge being more of a tomboy-ish girl, skinned knees. However, for the naughty among us, there are some adorable spank marks on the cute bottoms which makes you wonder how much fun Mr. Westminster really has with his cheeky protègées. A brief, but very pleasant with the lovely Ms. Vivian taught me that more work  is to be expected, and that they are having some other naughty ideas to share with us as time will pass.


The build itself deserves some attention as well. Mr. Westminster has made himself a lovely secluded home, with a very imaginative entrance. Aside from the first floor, which has been opened to the public  and where the collection for now is on display, the doors are  shut… but who knows what’s going on behind them…

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  1. My Dear Ms. Horwitz,
    Thank you ever so much for the wonderful compliments. I can not wait to share all the lovely things you said with my sisters and Mr.Westminster. I must say, I think you wear Cheeky Girl *very* well and look forward to seeing you in more of it.

    All my best,

    Vivian Pearl

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