Casual fashion LOTD

Another one in the category of spring dresses 2012. This dress from Bilo is lovely. Bilo is a so far unknown brand for me, but what I have seen so far, is really very nice. Worth keeping an eye on!!

Also I am wearing the preview of Dekade‘s new skin Adora, The name is very adequate, it’s an adorable face. It reminds me a lot of the older skins of 5th & Oxford/Fleur. It may be the matte lip on this make up and I am curious to see how the end product will look when it will be released next weekend before I will form my final opinion on this skin. For now, I am not completely sold.

I’m accesorizing this look with  the Donna hair from Analog Dog, a necklace from Ruchica, the Natasha bag from Orta and Ingenue‘s Organique flats.

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