Chalice's Challenge: Always the Bride, Never the Bridesmaid


Chalice Carling has issued such a lovely challenge, which totally appeals to my addiction of dressing up. You can read all about it here, but the long story short is… create 2 bridal looks, with stuff from your inventory, without actually using a bridal gown, So, without further ado… let’s proceed with the ceremonie For the church ceremony I have picked Lelutka’s white Leona dress and the short coat from Très Beau’s Winter Whites outfit. The necklace is Athena Crystals from Lucas Lameth and the simple white slinky stilettos are from Maitreya.

With my Maan Carmen skin from Dutch Touch, I’m wearing Tukinowaguma’s Bouquet SH In platinum, and I retextured the flower wrap for a more.. uhm… bridal touch.

I don’t think I’d ever get married in church, and I really can’t see myself in a battleship wedding dress… but this is actually something I might feel (somewhat) comfortable in .

Now a beach wedding… that’d be nice! Way more laid back and casual, and though I first wanted to put on some skimpy bikini, I turned out making an outfit which I think is actually very romantic!

Nicky Ree’s Summer breeze in Ivory, combined with the Silva veil, also from Nicky Ree, but with the white freedom flops from Surf Couture, because seriously… who is going to wear high heels on a beach wedding? I’m also wearing Zaara’s Parmini necklace and the Patra silver bracelet.

For this look I still went with Maan, but this time with the Fifties make up, and the super lovely hair is I’m a Romantic, from Lamb, in kitkat.

Slurls can be found here… live happily ever after, k?

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