Chai Eyes


Chai Eyes, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you’ve been missing, until it’s there all of a sudden… like Launa Fauna’s new eyes. It’s a bit like prim lashes… I was perfectly all right before they existed, but I love them hard now!

These are not the first prim enhanced eyes, but Ms. Fauna has a knack for making them just right! They come in 2 versions, small and big pupil (showing the big here) and, if you don’t care for prim eyes, she also includes a soul prim, which basically is just the high light. Because even when you’re in the semi dark, your eyes will reflect the little light in the room.

Since MIriel closed her shop, I have been looking for a good alternative for my all time favourite eyes, but until now I didn’t find them. They all are either too dull, or have too much highlights sprinkled all over the eye, and I’ve never really cared for prim eyes, but….. These might just be my new peepers!

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