Cake Heirloom Lace Cardigan


I’ve used this Heirloom Lace cardigan in black from Cake for today’s look… but it is so stunning that I decided to show all available colours to you. And maybe because it looks just really pretty on the beautiful body of Lapine… and also because a certain Winte…. errrr ok.. anonymous, fanged, fashionisto asked for more boobies on the blog!

(also wearing, aside from precious little, Dela’s Keira ribbon, L.Fauna’s Lapine skin and Cake’s Dakota hair)

0 thoughts on “Cake Heirloom Lace Cardigan”

  1. It’s funny how things change… 2 years ago, every other post on the blog was about Cake (or Funky)… now it’s special again 😀

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