Caer and the Hotties


Caer is the latest addition to the expanding Luxuria brand from Roslin Petion. It’s a delightful, sheer, set in 6 demure colours. I like it for the hip hugging knickers which  are so sexy because they do leave some tush covered. I’m not a huge fan of thongs, you know.

The sexy poses are the latest from RubyStarlight Writer from Exposeur and they are called The Hotties. So now I have The Hotties… but apparently I also AM a hottie, because Ruby named one of these poses after me *grins*. The other hotties in this series are Hallie, Willis, Jori, Graecyn and Ulaa… and I just realise I have forgotten to save one of the the lavender Caer and the 6th Hottie pose  *facedesks*  but that can also be seen as an invitation to go  to Luxuria and Exposeur to see/try the missing bits…. after all, like with lingerie… it’s much more fun when there is still something left to discover… right?

SLurls are listed here

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