Bubbles at the beach

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I was hopping around some and ended up at the Baja Tides sim, which is super inviting in terms of taking pics. It’s beautiful, but the tropical-themed beach doesn’t go well together with cozy sweaters and boots, so I changed into something more appropriate for the environment.

I’m wearing Blueberry‘s Catch me bikini, from a recent collab set with Reign. It came out around Halloween and is a sexy bunny set, now I am not into Halloween, so the cutesy, slutty costume overload from the end of October in SL is really wasted on me. So I will conveniently forget about the bunny stuff and just wear the hell out of this amazing bikini!

for the occasion, I have switched out of my Maitreya body and put on TMP/ the Shops Legacy. I mean, was I talking about stuff that is made exclusively for Maitreya in my previous post but in SL you can own multiple bodies, right? Not like in RL where you are stuck with one and forever frustrated that you won’t fit in that petite brand with your plus size curves -or vice versa, many women are eternally unsatisfied with whatever body type they have- in SL you can actually decide to invest in multiple bodies to fit a wide range of brands, and or occasions.

On my body, I am wearing This is Wrong wet materials shine, for that touch of wet look, and hence I am also wearing Argrace‘s Chizuru hair, which is still one of my favourite wet styles and which was updated earlier this year.

My face is Korina, by LeLutka, as usual, and today’s skin is Glam Affair‘s Kim, with some League Crush lipstick. My eyes get protection from the sun form Fetch‘s Angular glasses.

Finally, the Champagne is brought to you by Chic Chica. Cheers!

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