Blogger Challenge: Barerose 2010


Blogger Challenge: Barerose 2010, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz. Photo edited in PS

I was over at Barerose earlier and seriously… June Dion from BareRose is one of the all time most fabulous, consistent and creative content creators of SecondLife, who just is underexposed on the blogs. Maybe because she’s such a constant factor, that people tend to focus more on the novelties, but anyway, I got fascinated all over again with the incredible variety of fashion, fantasy, historical and just plain outrageous outfits, all under 200L$ for multiple colors.

Last year our resident vampire fashionisto, Winter Jefferson, started a BareRose appreciation week, which was a huge success. I wouldn’t go that far, but this week, I’d love to see a lot of you going crazy creative with BareRose outfits!

I have picked the Chimera Huntress outfit for this picture, combined with PXL Creations’s Efe skin and L.Fauna’s red Allure eyes.

I’m looking forward to see your entries. Please leave me a link in the comments, so that I can see yours too!!!

<3 Grazia

Links to blogs/flickr streams:

Kamian Trescothick: Cyber Knight

Cady: Ice Faery

Vaki: Cyber Western

Kamian Trescothick: Crystal Dragon

Trouble Inglewood: The Shaman

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