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Birdy is one of those skin brands which I have never looked into before, simply because I overlooked its existence… bad Grazia, because the Aria skin that is out for Collabor88 is so lovely! The tone is a bit greyish for me, but it kinda fits the vintage looks and feel of this skin, so I’m not complaining (too much). It’s out in 6 make-ups and has a variety of eyebrow colours and shapes. For the pic above, I am wearing the thick brows, because that is what I personally like most, but for the 20’s look the thin  brows shown below, are better.

I am also wearing Handverk‘s Zelda earrings and D!va‘s Layla hair on The Secret Store‘s Sequined Flapper dress.  Not from this round of Collabor88 are Gos Boutique‘s Lauren d’Orsay shoes.

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