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The item that triggered this outfit is/are Miamai‘s Witchcraft full armor nail armor. Monica Outlander has been super creative with nails and nail art lately, and these awesome clawlike attachments  and nailpolishes are available at The Fantasy Collective. The picture doesn’t do the nails justice so I suggest you take a look here!!

My Razzle vest is by Ison, a previous C88 item which has hit the main store quite some time ago already but which is still one of my casual favorites and I am wearing it on Sugar‘s  tied up leather pants. My Umbriel shoes are by L. Warwick. A brand to watch because she makes way more than “just platforms”. Look at these super sexy sandals! No plateaus!! Oh, and textures full of win!

I am wearing Belleza‘s Emily skin, which will be in The Arcade in a couple of days. I love it when every make up in the gacha is awesome, so it’s really no issue whatever skin you get after you play it. I have taken some pics of all the skins that Belleza has in The Arcade, and you can find them here.

Exile is today’s hair crack dealer and I am wearing After the Rain in one of the wild fusion textures and the ink is  Tau Puppis by Letis.

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